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Online courses on Information Technologies & Computer Sciences
by Sylvain Leroux

My Teaching

Today raw knowledge is largely available. I firmly believe the role a teacher is no longer to pass knowledge. But to give students the freedom to improve their knowledge by themselves.

Yes, I know
The Bash & Linux Command Line Tools

Using the command line might seem outdated by today standards in user interface & user experience. So, why someone might want to learn that ? Because it’s cool and featured in many Hollywood movies ? Maybe. But more seriously, because even today it is incomparably efficient when you have to perform repetitive tasks or deal with lots of files or data.

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Sylvain Leroux
Engineer by Passion, Teacher by Vocation

For 15 years, I taught Computer Sciences & Information Technology to students of all ages, from adults to young teenagers.

I have extensive knowledge in many technologies. I encourage you to take a look at my StackOverflow profile to see some of my favorite technologies -- as well as to check in my answers there I always try to be respectful for people looking for help, while providing accurate answers.

When I teach, I have two goals : share my enthusiasm for what I teach, and prepare my students so they could improve their knowledge by themselves.