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The Bash & Linux Command Line Tools

Using the command line might seem outdated by today standards in user interface & user experience. So, why someone might want to learn that ? Because it's cool and featured in many Hollywood movies ? Maybe. But more seriously, because even today it is incomparably efficient when you have to perform repetitive tasks or deal with lots of files or data.

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What this is all about ?

The goal of this course is to provide you strong foundations so you can start using the Bash and Command Line Tools on Linux to be more efficient in your daily work. But most important, I want to give you the confidence & the skills required so you'll be able to improve your knowledge by yourself and according to your needs.

The course is not designed as an extensive list of all standard Unix & Linux command line tools. I don't think video would be the best medium for such reference material. If you're looking for that, try instead to check out some of the numerous books written on the topic, or search onto the Internet for freely available resources. In fact, such resources might be very good complement to this course.

Course organization

The course is based on real world examples where the Bash & Command Line Tools are used to solve everyday problems. You are encouraged to try and experiment on your own system with the examples given in the lectures.

The majority of lectures ends with a challenge you will have to solve. Most of the time, you will have to apply or make change to the commands seen in the course. But sometimes, this will require some experiments and researches on the Internet or in the online help system (the man).

You are encouraged to use the forum/QA Section of the course Hosting Platform to ask questions. But also to post your own solutions to the challenges. As well as to share tips & tricks related to the course.

What are the requirements?

What will I do during this course?

As part of the course lecture, you will :

What is the target audience?

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