Yes, I know
How to filter data using Grep

Extracting the interesting data from a large dataset is a very common task. For very very VERY large datasets, there are entire frameworks for that.

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How to filter data using Grep

But in many cases the standard grep tools will probably do the job too…​

How can I take the most of this video?

I encourage you to download the files used on the video so you will be able to try the same commands as me on your own system.

The link above will allow you to download a gzipped tar archive of the files used in the video. To extract the content of that archive on your system, you can use the command:

    tar xzf Yes_I_Know_IT-Ep06.tar.gz

What is the target audience?

This video is clearly aimed toward new shell users. The video was designed on a Linux system and using the Bash shell. But the features demonstrated here are generic enough to work with other shells and/or other Unix-like OS (*BSD, MacOSX, …​).

What are the requirements?

  • You should have a working Unix-like system.

  • You should know how to open a terminal window.