Yes, I know
The Glob Patterns in Depth

"Glob patterns are simple. Anyone knows how to use them".

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The Glob Patterns in Depth

No, it’s wrong.

Maybe you are new to the Unix-like world and you don’t know what are glob patterns. Or maybe you are a more experienced user. But even in that case, are you sure you know all the subtleties behind glob patterns?

Whatever is your background, watch this video: I could bet 90% of you will learn something new!

What is it about?

In this video, not only you will learn how to use the glob patterns in you favorite shell, but in addition I introduce some little known features and pitfalls to make you a real glob pattern master.

How can I take the most of this video?

I encourage you to download the files used on the video so you will be able to try the same commands as me on your own system.

The link above will allow you to download a gzipped tar archive of the files used in the video. To extract the content of that archive on your system, you can use the command:

    tar xzf Yes_I_Know_IT-Ep11.tar.gz

What is the target audience?

This video is pretty self-contained. And only require very basic skills in using the terminal emulator and a shell.