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How to Write Complex Awk Patterns using Operators?

Awk is a powerful tool using pattern matching to identify the data to process in a file. But Awk patterns are much more versatile than their sed counterpart.

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How to Write Complex Awk Patterns using Operators?

In this video, you will see the core logical and relational operators you can use in Awk patterns. And you will discover how you can use complex patterns to extract in a fraction of second the relevant informations from a data set containing more than 57000 records.

How can I take the most of this video?

I encourage you to download the files used on the video so you will be able to try the same commands as me on your own system.

The link above will allow you to download a gzipped tar archive of the files used in the video. To extract the content of that archive on your system, you can use the command:

    tar xzf Yes_I_Know_IT-Ep13.tar.gz

What is the target audience?

This video is pretty self-contained. And only require very basic skills in using the terminal emulator and a shell. What is explained here will be particularly useful for those of you that have to (pre)process large amount of data from CSV or other forms of text file.