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How to Convert Text to Uppercase from the Shell?

Converting a text to upper case? Well, that’s a simple question …​ with surprisingly subtle answers. Especially if you want to take into account internationalization issues…​ You’ve probably noticed from my accent (pun intended), I’m a French native speaker. And it is always a shock when I see a shell script or another piece of software that fails at handling accented letters or characters with diacritical marks…​

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How to Convert Text to Uppercase from the Shell?

But that’s a mistake you won’t inadvertently do since in this video I show you several classical ways to convert characters to upper case from the shell. And most important, I will explain how and why they work—​or don’t work—​with characters outside the ASCII range.

How to convert text to upper case from the shell? After all, this is the kind of "trick question" I could ask in a job interview. Watch this video, and you too, you’ll be prepared to give a well-argued answer!

How can I take the most of this video?

I encourage you to download the files used on the video so you will be able to try the same commands as me on your own system.

The link above will allow you to download a gzipped tar archive of the files used in the video. To extract the content of that archive on your system, you can use the command:

    tar xzf Yes_I_Know_IT-Ep17.tar.gz

What is the target audience?

This video is pretty self-contained. And only require very basic skills in using the terminal emulator and a shell. It will be particularly useful if you have large amount of text data to convert or pre-process in batch …​ or if you want to prepare yourself for a job interview!