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How to Install Raspbian Headless and Wireless?

Installing Raspbian on Raspberry Pi is not a difficult task. And the Raspberry Pi foundations provide the necessary pieces of information to do that…​ unless if you need to install your Raspberry Pi headless (aka, without an attached monitor and keyboard) and wireless (aka, through Wi-Fi). And this happens to be just my case.

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How to Install Raspbian Headless and Wireless?

In this video, I will show you how to install the Raspbian operating system. But you will also learn how to can set up the boot partition of the Raspberry Pi from your Linux computer so the board will connect to your Wi-Fi network and will have SSH access enabled, even at its the very first boot.

Finally, since every hacker is also interested in networking and cyber security, the video even includes gpg and tcpdump examples, so you will even learn how to check the authenticity of a downloaded file and how to capture and examine some of your network traffic.

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