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100 Days of Linux Publications

There are a lot of publications about Linux issued on the Web every day. By exploring the keywords contained in those publications, we may learn more about our favorite operating system and the way it is perceived.

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This infographic is made using the number of documents found by Google for a given keyword or search expression.

All data were collected using a custom Google search on Creative Works (according to schema.org) for documents indexed the first 100 days of 2017 and containing both the search keyword AND the word Linux.

For example, the search expression "Freedom" "Linux" (with quotes) found 31,400 results. Results are only as accurate as Google reported them. But the orders of magnitudes are definitely significants.

On that infographic, all bars are displayed on the same scale.

For the reference period about 3,720,000 documents containing the word "Linux" were indexed by Google — if displayed at the same scale that would represent a 2.5 meter long bar.